Incentives for your customers to grow your exposure and social proof for free

Incentivs for your customers to grow your exposure and social proof for free - hero.jpg

In the current age of the world, it is vital that businesses have their bases covered when it comes to exposure and social proof. Gone are the days when a customer would see something they like from your business and simply trust you to buy; today customers undertake a 3-step verification process and decipher whether they should trust and buy from your business.

This is generally how it goes…

Step 1
They see your business for the first time

Step 2
They Google your business to validate your legitimacy, and check out your ratings whilst they’re there

Step 3
They turn to social media to see when your business last posted, see more reviews and obtain more social proof

To this day, we still see business that have been established for dozens, sometimes hundreds of years with only a handful of Google Reviews and their social media channels are dreadful…and that’s being kind.

A lot of businesses have turned to us and asked “How do we grow exposure and social proof for free?”
Our answer…”Easy! Incentivise a customer!”

Let’s use this as an example, say you business sells food (this is applicable for retail, services and others too but we’ll use food as an example), and a customer is waiting at your counter ready to pay and they see a sign that says “Review us on Google and receive 10% off”…what would you do? Pull out your phone, and leave a Google review and save money! It cost the shop only a few cents for social proof and a recent review. In turn, boosting their Google recommendations and search ranking.

Easy as, huh!

Think about a method like this the next time your business has a minute of quiet time, and don’t forget, we’re always here to help you! Don’t hesitate to reach out.